Assassins Creed – One for the Gamers

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Assassins Creed – One for the Gamers

My wife was so excited for the release of Assassins Creed. She loves those games – has played them all, and she also likes Michael Fassbender because he’s in X-Men and she loves X-Men so that combined with this and suddenly there’s a new poster on our wall. Just kidding – no poster, but seriously, she was excited.

I on the other hand don’t mind the games. I’ve played a couple of them – the last was Black Flag, so while I’m not quite in league with the missus on this Assassins Creed caper, I still know my way around it (she’s actually playing Assassins Creed – Syndicate while I type this). Oh, and I don’t like the X-Men movies so Michael Fassbender isn’t gonna slip by me quite so easily.

The main reason I’ve not gotten entrenched in the Assassins Creed series of games is because of that bothersome ‘Asbergo’ storyline that flows through the entire series. It’s an annoying distraction when all you really want to do is wander around with swords, spikes, guns etc. and complete cool missions in ancient and pre-modern settings. One minute I’m a pirate doing battle  on the high seas, the next,  I’m sitting at a desk and having to make my way through some technological construct to complete a task I care nothing about.

Don't be fooled by the historical imagery - Assassins Creed is a movie set in a very modern world.
Don’t be fooled by the historical imagery – Assassins Creed is a movie set in a very modern world.

Unfortunately for this big-screen version based on the game series, the Asbergo storyline takes centre stage, and the cool stuff that makes you actually want to play the game is a mere sideshow next to the goings-on at Asbergo industries. It means we don’t really get to see the ancient settings and cultures that drew us to the games initially, and if you’ve never played the games and went to see this movie thinking it was going to be some ancient epic then I wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little misled.

That’s not to say Assassins Creed is a bad movie. It’s not. It’s just, like the games, it fails to really deliver what its audience wants and left me feeling a little unsatisfied. See it if you like the games, otherwise I doubt it’s going to meet your expectations.

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