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There’s some-fin in the water – Greatest ‘shark attack’ films of all-time

5. The Shallows (2016)

‘What was once in the deep is now in the shallows’.

If The Shallows were based purely on its first two thirds, I’d rank it much more highly on this list. Perhaps even as high as number 2. Unfortunately the final act leaves a little to be desired, and what was an engaging survival film in a similar vein to Open Water and The Reef becomes an implausible and at-times silly action flick. Still, thoroughly enjoyable for the most part with good humour sprinkled throughout (Blake Lively’s unlikely relationship with a seagull and a rather amusing incident with a flare gun spring to mind), some tense scenes in the battle between woman and shark, and some stunning photography to accompany a very good performance from Blake Lively as Nancy, the young lady on this particular shark’s dinner menu. The underwater photography is most impressive, and Director Jaume Collet-Serra certainly appears to know how to get the most out of a limited story.


4. The Reef (2010)

‘Pray that you drown first’.

A slow burn this one, as a small group is left stranded in the middle of the ocean after their yacht capsizes. As the foursome enter the open water to begin the long swim to shore, they find themselves stalked by a Great White shark. The Reef owes more than a little to Open Water, but great tension and a slow building sense of menace make this one a surprisingly enjoyable thriller.


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