Suicide Squad

The gang's all here. The Suicide Squad.
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Suicide Squad – A fun enough team struggling to find its place

So I went in to Suicide Squad with tempered expectations. And it wasn’t just because of the BS (Dawn of Justice) we were assaulted with earlier this year. Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, Jason Bourne. One lousy summer ‘blockbuster’ after another. I feared the absolute worst for Suicide Squad.

So here’s the thing. I was chatting with my wife in the aftermath of Suicide Squad and her opinion – it wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t the worst. That’s now what we classify as a ‘good’ movie – that it wasn’t terrible.

Yes it was better than the aforementioned Ghostbusters, Star Trek and Jason Bourne. And it was engaging enough. I think most of us would agree that Margot Robbie stole the show as Harley Quinn, and Will Smith (playing Deadshot here, the unofficial leader of this motley crew) can be pretty cool even without trying.


Margot Robbie is fantastic as Harley Quinn in 'Suicide Squad'.
Margot Robbie is fantastic as Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’.


Jai Courtney. Ummm. Well. Jai Courtney. If you ever caught the television series Spartacus: Blood and Sand then, like me, you may well have developed a fondness for the big lug. Maybe you were excited to see him movie across to Hollywood, where he landed some big roles in A Good Day To Die Hard, Terminator Genesys, and the Divergent series. And maybe you became a little despondent when you realised that he was becoming some sort of cursed idol that destroys popular franchises. Here he plays Captain Boomerang, a character ironically played on television by Spartacus co-star Nick E Tarabay (yes, I really did love Spartacus). I’ll just say this – for an Aussie, he plays a really poor Aussie. Not that I mind his ridiculous accent and antics, but my biggest problem was the pointlessness of his character. he really was just along for the ride. He contributed nothing (oops, at one point he contributed a camera, but to be fair the whole mission is sponsored by the powerful black ops group ‘A.R.G.U.S’, so I’m pretty sure they’d have come up with a camera without the ol’ Cap’n). I kept waiting for him to do something worthwhile, to justify his place on Team Deadshot, but he just didn’t. It was yet another disppointing ‘Jai’ sighting.

Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) was ok, and Diablo (Jay Hernandez) was an interesting character, made all the more interesting for the effort put in to laying out some backstory for him.

The gang's all here. The Suicide Squad.
The gang’s all here. The Suicide Squad.

I also thought some of the best scenes in the film belonged to Cara Delevingne as June Moone/Enchantress.

Unfortunately, after some decent entertainment as our gang of bad-guys finally make it to their final confrontation with the movie’s ‘Big Bad’, we are treated to a fairly lacklustre conclusion that lead me to feel that in old ordinary team of well-trained soldiers could have probably accomplished the same result. The films antagonists seemed to forget all about their amazing powers and the ending all came a little easy. It was a small let-down in what can be best described as an average super hero flick. Better than some, not better than most.

Don’t miss the closing credits scene featuring Batfleck and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. It’s fun, and reminds us that Justice League is well and truly on its way. And while his time in this is short, we are once again reminded to eat our earlier words as Ben Affleck continues to reign supreme as a fairly awesome Batman.


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