3 Reasons We Loved Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt
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3 Reasons We Loved Gods of Egypt

With its recent UK release, we were finally given the chance to check out Gods of Egypt for ourselves. After all the negative publicity and criticisms, it wasn’t as bad as many made out (we’re not going to say it as good. It just wasn’t the worst thing we’ve ever seen). Still, like it or loath it, there were a few things that left us feeling absolutely tickled pink!

1. The return of Doug Coughlin AKA Bryan Brown

The character of Osiris, the King of Egypt and father of Horus, was played by rogue-ish Aussie actor Bryan Brown. International audiences will know Brown as Doug Coughlin, who taught Tom Cruise everything there is to know about bar tending in the 1988 hit Cocktail. Brown’s career never reached any great height after that, keeping busy with silly little telemovies like The Poseidon Adventure and Spring Break Shark Attack. But all of a sudden there he was – the King of Egypt, and with more than a hint of an Aussie twang to go with it. Awesomely hilarious to have a man from Downunder ruling over the first great ancient civilization.

Bryan Brown as the Aussie King Osiris in ‘Gods of Egypt’ (Left) and as bar tending maestro Doug Coughlin in Cocktail (Right).



2. Those fire-breathing cobra snake things

I mean come on, how cool were they? Completely silly, don’t get me wrong, but très cool as well. They totally fell for the whole ‘look at me, chase me while my friend kills you’ bit, but having one of those things to ride around on would be pretty neat.


Remember, a fire-breathing cobra snake-thing is for life, not just for Christmas.


3. The Demon Apophis and other Stargate SG1 favourites

I knew Apophis was some ancient Egyptian God-character thingy, but aside from being the ‘big bad’ from season 1 of Stargate SG1 I had never really given a whole lot of thought to who or how the character of Apophis fit into Egyptian mythology. Seeing the great demon battling the Sun-God Ra every day at sunset was kind of nifty (even if Geoffrey Rush as Ra was a little silly). It was also pretty cool to see Anubis in the underworld, Hathor and all manner of other former Stargate baddies. Geez, I’ve gotta get out more.

Apophis was the bringer of chaos and the nemsis of Ra (Left) but was a little more manageable in Stargate SG1 (Right).

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