The Scene Stealers – 20 Reviews Down

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The Scene Stealers – 20 Reviews Down

So okay, it may not mean much to some, but it turns out that Captain America: Civil War was my twentieth movie review since starting this little project earlier this year. It feels like it was just yesterday that I came home all disappointed at having just caught Rocky spin-off, Creed. Anyway, 20 movies may not represent the most amazing of milestones, but I’m celebrating the fact that my wife even let’s me out that much. So here, right now, I’ve compiled a list of my most memorable scenes from movies I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far……….

7. Captain America: Civil War – ‘Spiderman and The Empire Strikes Back’

So the new Spiderman had to appear here in some guise. Captain America: Civil War is already one of the most well received movies of 2016, and Tom Holland’s ‘Spiderman’ was just about the best thing in it. The only question is, exactly which of Spidey’s scenes to include. I opted for this one for two reasons – 1) I can’t resist a good Star Wars reference, and 2) it started out so innocuously ‘do you guys remember that really old film, The Empire strikes Back?’ but ends with Spiderman providing a pivotal victory to Team Iron Man during one of the film’s major fight sequences. It almost felt like I was right there on Hoth.

Spiderman stole the show in 'Captain America: Civil war
Spiderman stole the show in ‘Captain America: Civil war


6. Eye In The Sky – ‘Drone Strike’

The suspense is palpable. From the moment the strike is launched, the countdown begins. Will little Alia (Aisha Takow), unwittingly standing within the kill zone of the strike, get out in time? After endless debate, moral quandaries, and maddening bureaucracy, it’s all down to these final seconds – and one little boy looking to buy some bread.


5. Eddie The Eagle – ‘Hugh Jackman takes on the 90 meter’

Having just explained (drunkenly) his love affair with all things ski-jumping to Eddie (Taron Egarton), and conveying the true nature that is the deadly 90 meter jump, coach Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) gears up and embarks on a late night attempt at this very jump. With cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth, he makes his run down the slope, slo-mo style, with a panning 360 degree camera and an Olympic team below looking on. As he approaches the ramp, he casually flicks the cigarette out of his mouth and launches himself into the air. A magical moment in a truly magical film – with a stretcher and medical team waiting anxiously at the bottom.


4. Deadpool – ‘Opening Credits’

Like so many other films included here, Deadpool featured a number of scenes that could easily have been included. International Women’s Day? How about Death by Zamboni? Instead I opted to go all the way back to the beginning – the opening credits, where we are informed that Deadpool stars ‘God’s Perfect Idiot’ (as a magazine cover proclaiming Ryan Reynolds ‘sexiest man of the year’ goes flying by) and was written by The Real Heroes Here. All to Juice Newton’s ‘Angel of the Morning’. Deadpool was never going to be your typical superhero movie, and the sheer audacity of this opening left us drooling with anticipation at what was to come.


3. Zootropolis (Zootopia) – ‘Sloths of the DMV’

Oh God this scene was funny. As if it wasn’t enough to have sloths as the desk jockeys at the DMV, we also have Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) knowing exactly how to use this situation to get under the skin of bunny Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin). A good film, but this was easily the scene that stood out to me. Hilarious to watch, you can almost feel Judy’s pain.

Nick ‘Hey Flash, wanna hear a joke?’


Poor Judy Hopps can’t believe her misfortune as she and Nick Wilde pump Flash the Sloth for information.


2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ‘The Main Event’

Okay, so the overall film itself felt like a letdown, but the titular battle between Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) really pulled this movie up by its bootstraps. The confrontation becomes a brutal, no holds barred showdown between a man who doesn’t want to fight, and a man who wants nothing more than to take down his opponent. Say what you will about Dawn of Justice, it is still worth seeing for this one sequence alone. The full psychopathy of Batman is on display, and the look of suprise on Superman’s face……..


1. The Revenant – ‘Bear Attack’

Another film in which any one of a number of scenes could have made the list. I’ve opted for the bear attack sequence. Obviously a centrepiece to the story – it’s this attack that leads to Hugh Glass (Leonardo Di Caprio) being left for dead in the wilderness. The bear attack is a chilling sequence. I literally winced the whole time I was watching it. As a fan of ‘animal attack’ movies (Jaws is my number one movie all-time. Duh!! Look at the name of my blog) this particular attack was probably better than any other such scene I’ve seen filmed. Of all the scenes mentioned here, this is the one I wish I’d been on set to witness being filmed. Stunningly violent. Completely believable.

The bear attack in 'The Revenant' is a shockingly voilent and harrowing scene.
The bear attack in ‘The Revenant’ is a shockingly voilent and harrowing scene.


I hope you enjoyed the read. I’d love to know what you think. Check out the full list of 20 films reviewed so far (along with some other notes of wisdom) HERE.

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