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The Other Side of the Door 2016
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The Other Side Of The Door: No Franchise Kick-Starter, but a welcome relief for Horror fans.

After viewing the terrible, recently released The Forest, I will admit to some trepidation as I passive-aggressively convinced my darling, ever-forgiving wife to spend movie night watching yet another horror flick, The Other Side Of The Door. Thankfully, this venture into the horror genre turned out far better than the last.

There is nothing overtly terrifying about The Other Side Of The DoorIt is a grim, atmospheric movie relying far more on building tension than any obvious scare tactics. There is perhaps one jump scene. The rest is a slow build toward the final act, which to its credit manages to tie in a neat little twist in its tail that I didn’t see coming, and helps to wrap up the movie in a nice little bow.

The Mumbai setting for the film works well, allowing for the clichéd mysticism we’d expect from a movie about a mother (Sarah Wayne Callies) visitng an ancient temple in order to speak with her dead son. The Indian house-keeper, Piki, is well played by Suchitra Pillai (she was in 24: India. Did we even know India HAD a 24?) and gives just enough of a somber air to help fuel the tension build. Even the family dog, Winston, manages to fill a familiar role as the pet that senses the danger before his human compatriots well enough to not be as groan-worthy as one might think.

It seems Sarah Wayne Callies can’t get enough of the walking dead. ‘The Other Side Of The Door’ pits her against the supernatural as she fights to save her family from her dead son.

A special mention here to young actress Sofia Rosinsky in the role of Lucy, a far more complex role than might otherwise be given to a child actor. She pulls off both scared victim and chillingly sociopathic protagonist very well, and leaves Jeremy Sisto playing the father, Michael, as really the only weak link in an otherwise solid effort.

              Michael (Jeremy Sisto) and Lucy (Sofia Rosinsky) in danger in ‘The Other Side Of The Door’.

The Other Side Of The Door is not going to make anybody’s Top Ten list (well, maybe Top Ten horror films released in March 2016), and we’ll be expecting far more from genre entries as 2016 roles on, but it won’t let you down, will give you some chills, and tells a fairly entertaining story.

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